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Our Revenue Programs are plug-and-play RevOps services. We deploy one of our programs end-to-end and help you show ROI.

Ready for a more comprehensive RevOps solution? Onboard us as an Extension of Your Team.


Previous Buyer โž• Job Change = ๐Ÿš€ Qualified Pipeline

Pain: ๐Ÿ”ป Meetings and ๐Ÿ”ป qualified pipeline

Root causes: Macro-economic conditions leading to dwindling inbound. Inefficient cold outbound. Reduced marketing budget to warm up leads.

Solution: Find out which of your existing relationships changed jobs. Deploy proven outbound playbooks to secure meetings with them.

You are 3x more likely to secure a meetings with previous customers, past inbound leads, or contacts who previously received a demo. 

Ideal for: Companies whose user or buyer persona has a LinkedIn profile

๐Ÿงช Curious but not yet convinced? Let us run a free test. Find out what percent of your existing relationships are now working at one of your target accounts.

Turn Job Changes into Qualified Pipeline

$9,500 for the initial run

  • Checkmark Identify existing relationships who changed jobs
  • Checkmark Enrich your target accounts with the latest contact information (while preserving the relationship history)
  • Checkmark Deploy unique outbound playbooks that work
  • Checkmark Report on the ROI of the program
  • Each subsequent month data refresh only $500/month (optional)

Extension of Your Team

Need a more comprehensive solution than our packaged revenue programs?

Based on your in-house capabilities, select between Data + Operations + Playbook + Enablement + Execution. We can do it all or you can pick any combination that suits your needs.

Our ideal customer for these ongoing services values minimalist approach to tools (implement only what you must), locks into results, and moves at a fast pace.



Starting at $7,500/mo

RevOps infrastructure required for all modern revenue teams.

  • Checkmark Foundational infrastructure
  • Checkmark Reporting
  • Checkmark Dashboards
  • Basic CRM admin Basic CRM admin
  • Checkmark One revenue program at a time



Get in touch for a custom quote for a specific RevOps project - min 30 hours.

  • Checkmark Free scoping
  • Checkmark No monthly commitment
  • Checkmark Hourly rate

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At the cost of a junior manager, onboard the Lean Layer RevOps experts. Find what works faster.

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