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We build the operational infrastructure required to ideate, test, and scale revenue programs.

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Deploy a revenue program to drive key revenue results

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Onboard us as your fractional RevOps team 

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Recruit Top RevOps Talent

Build the momentum for ongoing success by hiring the right RevOps talent.

Our recruiting arm is heavily specialized on RevOps and CRM roles. We screen our candidates to a much higher standard thanks to our proprietary evaluations and testing.


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RevOps Recruiting
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Team Design

Some of the growth journeys we have fueled...

I've worked with Lean Layer at multiple companies and would recommend them in a heart beat. What I love most about them is they really work to understand our business and tailor their work and recommendations to fit us. So many consultants in this space are transactional but Lean Layer feels like an extension of our team. They're incredibly knowledgeable about best practices and equally knowledgable about how to technically implement them. Their understanding of every step of the customer journey from top of funnel to customer success has been incredibly valuable.

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