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Today's pipeline problem = next quarter's missed target


In the past 18 months, there has been a huge amount of employee turnover in the teams that buy/use your product. Are you using job changes as a pipeline source?
Your existing buyers are more likely to purchase your product at their next organization.
Revenue Program

Previous Buyers + Job Change = Easy Pipeline

Demand Generation and Sales teams are a lot more likely to reach their revenue goals when they leverage job changes as a pipeline source.

Track which of your users and customers changed jobs. Learn more about our direct-to-CRM service.

Learn More | Job Changes Tracking

Extension of Your Team

Need a more comprehensive solution than our packaged revenue programs? Learn more about our month-to-month fractional RevOps services.



Starting at $7,500/mo

RevOps infrastructure required for all modern revenue teams.

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Get in touch for a custom quote for a specific RevOps project - min 30 hours.

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Recruit Top RevOps Talent

Build the RevOps muscles you need to succeed internally. As part of our fractional revenue operations services, we help you hire the right RevOps talent.


Hiring Managers
Job Seekers
Team Size
RevOps Recruiting
Skill Evaluation
Team Design

Some of the growth journeys we have fueled...

I've worked with Lean Layer at multiple companies and would recommend them in a heart beat. What I love most about them is they really work to understand our business and tailor their work and recommendations to fit us. So many consultants in this space are transactional but Lean Layer feels like an extension of our team. They're incredibly knowledgeable about best practices and equally knowledgable about how to technically implement them. Their understanding of every step of the customer journey from top of funnel to customer success has been incredibly valuable.

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