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Partnering with the Lean Layer team was immensely valuable in scaling our revenue engine. Their ability to rapidly learn the ins and outs of our business and swiftly create a tailored strategy was powerful and drove results. The team helped us optimize much of our GTM operations, including TAM analysis and budgeting, top of the funnel programs, pipeline/forecasting reporting, and new-hire time to ramp strategies. It was an absolute pleasure working with Lean Layer and l’d recommend them in a heartbeat!
Lean Layer's impact on our business was substantial. Their strategic and tactical expertise helped us implement a best-in-class GTM stack that enabled us to report on our full funnel with ease and precision. Acting as a seamless extension of our in-house team, Lean Layer was an absolute pleasure to partner with.
Lean Layer has been the secret weapon behind our demand gen organization. With their strategic and execution support, we’ve seen our marketing-attributed revenue grow from less than 20% to nearly 50%. They act as the glue behind our marketing and sales organizations and have helped us with everything from account scoring, lead routing, forecasting, attribution, and tech stack optimization. Their full end-to-end support - from strategy and ideation through to execution - have been the glue for our marketing and sales teams. For example, Lean Layer implemented a custom account scoring model allowing us to streamline our targeting and make better data-driven decisions, leading to more Read More...
The Lean Layer team is an extraordinarily empathetic solution designer who is having a transformative effect on Human by matching our needs to the right tools and helping us design the right workflows to use them.
The Lean Layer team consists of subject matter experts that demonstrated an unparalleled depth of knowledge in every facet of revenue operations, seamlessly blending their expertise with cutting-edge business concepts. Their commitment to delivering exceptional results was consistent & evident throughout our collaboration. As thought partners, their meticulous approach to documentation & implementation ensured that every step of our projects was transparently recorded for seamless collaboration. Thanks to their invaluable contributions, our GTM operations went from reactive to proactive, and I wholeheartedly recommend Lean Layer to any organization seeking transformative success.
When I started as the CRO at Hired, the first thing I did was bring Lean Layer onboard. Four years later, I know that was the best decision I could have made. The business has seen an incredible amount of change - acquisition, huge market shifts, leadership changes, re-orgs but our partnership with Lean Layer has been constant and always evolved to suit our needs. From the outset, they demonstrated a deep understanding of our business model, challenges, and goals. Lean Layer assessed our processes, identified areas for improvement, and implemented tailored solutions aligned with our strategic vision. Their projects significantly enhanced our forecasting accuracy, sales performance Read More...
I've worked with Lean Layer at multiple companies and would recommend them in a heart beat. What I love most about them is they really work to understand our business and tailor their work and recommendations to fit us. So many consultants in this space are transactional but Lean Layer feels like an extension of our team. They're incredibly knowledgeable about best practices and equally knowledgable about how to technically implement them. Their understanding of every step of the customer journey from top of funnel to customer success has been incredibly valuable.
Lean Layer is highly engaged. They think big picture, explore varied strategies to solution while maintaining a thorough understanding of interdependencies. Working with them is as if you've inherited a trusted colleague who is as motivated, if not more, to drive intended results.


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