Find top talent for your open RevOps roles

*Currently, we only work with companies located in the US and Canada.

Making the wrong hire is 10x worse than no hire at all.

Lean Layer has two arms - RevOps consulting and RevOps recruiting. Our recruiting arm specializes only on RevOps and CRM roles. 


Hiring Advice and Job Descriptions from 🤓 Domain Experts

Takes one to know one

Before we get to sourcing, a RevOps pro from our consulting team will work with the hiring manager to -

  • Job requirements
  • Existing skills in the team vs. gaps 
  • How to structure the org (if applicable) and
  • How best to structure the JD to land the best candidates

A holistic sourcing strategy 

Don't just rely on passive inbound. Best-in-class revenue teams balance their inbound candidate pipeline with the precision of outbound. Why? 

Sometimes the right candidate is busy being a rock star at their current job... it takes a call from us to convince them to make the jump. 

Targeted, strategic 🎯 outreach!

🔮 Aggregated data on the RevOps candidate and job market

Access to Exclusive Insights 

We drive our advice from our domain expertise, large scale candidate data from our evaluations, as well as insights we gather from the thousands of RevOps jobs in our database. 

When you become a customer, you will get full access to our State of RevOps Jobs live dashboard with salary as well as supply/demand insights.

Time saving early screening to technical evaluations - we do most of the work

Over the last 4 years, we developed a series of evaluations and case studies to vet RevOps candidates thoroughly, including - 

More work for us, more 🏝️🍹 for hiring managers

Transparent Pricing

Our packages cater to hiring managers with different needs.

Ready to find top talent for your RevOps roles? 

*Currently, we only work with companies located in the US and Canada.