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We are not a typical recruiter. We make life-changing introductions.

We accelerate the growth of our clients and partners by finding top RevOps talent for their in-house roles. Our talent placement process is uniquely designed (and run) by RevOps professionals. Our goal is to ensure mutual success between hiring managers and new joiners.

  • 1- Better Job Descriptions

  • 2 - Self Reflection

  • 3- Time saving tactics

  • 4- Growth Path

Job descriptions need a healthy dose of reality.

  • An actual RevOps professional (not a recruiter) works with the hiring managers closely to understand what they are solving for, their challenges, and opportunities
  • We then accurately articulate the opportunity, challenge, day-to-day responsibilities of the role, near term growth path and longer term growth trajectory of the company
  • The job description you see is enhanced with our objective understanding and evaluation

Not just a conversion. An actual evaluation and thoughtful guidance.

  • We provide you with surveys, self-evaluation tools and offer advice based on your results
  • Our guidance facilitates better decision making and helps you find the right fit in terms of company size, growth stage, skills required vs skills you have etc.

We hate wasted time and the interview process is full of it.

  • We arm both you and the hiring manager with questions to ask to facilitate deeper exploration early on. Early conversations better guided by us saves time
  • We streamline the interview process by creating a detailed profile of you... this profile is shared with all interviewers so that the interviews are spent truly evaluating the fit vs. gathering basic information

Finding a new job is half the story.

  • Congratulations. You have a new job! Now it's time to ensure their success in the role
  • We will craft a year-long skills growth path for you and advocate for your growth in your new role with the hiring manager
  • The growth path will outline training options as well as exposure, guidance, and hands-on management required for mutual success

Resources for Job Seekers

Company Size

What is the right growth stage for you?

Should you pick an early-stage, growth-stage or a mature GTM org for your next job? The size and maturity of the organization you join matters a lot more than you would think.

Do not accept a job offer before you take this survey to ensure your success.

Get Your Results

Skills Map

Based on your self-evaluation of your skills, this exercise will show you where you are today, where you may have growth opportunities, and how to ask revenue leaders at your company to get the necessary project exposure to grow.

Strategically grow your skill sets and become a RevOps super power!

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